MIA Installation (Brainstorm)

MIA Installation (Stand alone)

  1. Go to the MIA Github page.
  2. Download one of the latest archive.
  3. Unzip it somewhere on your computer, for example:
    • Windows: My documents\mia
    • Linux: /usr/local/mia (or ~/mia if you are not admin)
    • MacOS: Applications/mia
  4. Create a new folder « mia_db » for the MIA database, for example:
    • Windows: My documents\mia_db
    • Linux: /home/username/mia_db
    • MacOS: Documents/mia_db

Warning: Never create this folder inside the program folder (mia), it would get deleted when updating mia.

=> We recommend to set up a regular backup for your mia_db folder (in order to avoid losing hours of work)

  • Start Matlab
  • Add mia folder and subfolders into your Matlab path

  • Type « mia » in the command window
  • When asked for the MIA database folder, pick the « mia_db » you have just created
  • Follow all the introduction Tutorials


Development is currently done under Matlab version 2017a so more likely to be compatible than other matlab versions. However, we try to support backward compatibility as much as possible. If an error occurs with your installation, please post the issue and indicate your Matlab version.