Auditory Stimulation

Auditory stimulation

Recommended configuration : 

  • Earphones : E-A-R-TONE 3C Insert Earphone
  • Eartips : Doc’s Promold or ER3-14 (A)
  • Stimulation computer (HP Optiplex 760 Workstation– Windows XP Professional)
  • Creative SB X-Fi Titanium PCIe audio card

Choose the appropriate Promold ear tips :


If there is no appropriate size in the Promold kit (left picture), use the earfoam (right picture): for each ear, sqweeze and roll the foam, insert it into the ear and wait for it to expend in the ear.

Attach ear tips or ear foam to the EARTONES plastic tubes :   

The Promolds are not disposable. Please clean the earplugs after use.